Elisabeth von Engelswiese*DE

Elisabeth von Engelswiese*DE MCO f22 Summerplace Apassio Nata*DE MCO ds Big Giants Resort Ocean MCO as CH. BRubbeys Dooley MCO d22
Stormbringers Fantaghiro MCO as
Jana of Asvan MCO fs09 Yep that Rocks the Purrfect Coon MCO ds2209
Galatea of Asvan MCO n2209
Faith Fidelity Feline,CZ MCO n2209 Bourbon Fidelity Feline,CZ MCO n22 Gr.Int. Falstaff Oli of Arbor Vitae,CZ,DVM MCO ds22
Int.Ch. Justcoons Rapa Nui/ICW/ MCO n09
IT*Tara Reid Queenofthecoons MCO f09 Csaks Coon Villo MCO d22
Blue Forest Lullaby MCO w


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