Very promising of Senftenriver*AT


Elphinstone Indiana Jones 
MCO n 22
CH.Justcoon's Peak Asso MCO  n 22 Vens Passion Kaiser Barbarosa  ds 22
Justcoon's Ode to Elize
MCO n 09
Galathea of Saxson
Switzerland fs 22
ICH.Fire Fox of Saxson
Switzerland ds 22 09
Justcoon's Jet Set
MCO ns
Kelly of Senftenriver
MCO g 09
Joker vom Wellenbach
MCO a 09
CH.Pillowtalk's Flash Light  MCO n 22
Oldrnillriver's Confetti
MCO a 09
Endless Kiss the Bewest-Coon f 22 09 Big Giants Resort's Walk of Life  MCO e
Fire Devils Amber 
MCO f 22 09


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